Dr. Puttisak Sattayaprasert, M.D.
Dr. Puttisak Sattayaprasert, M.D.
R&D / CEO ; Once Medical Corp.
About Me
Imagination is more important than knowledge... This is a good wording that all innovators feel good to think, do and invent anything that we believe is beneficial to society. And it leads thinking to be a tangible thing. I have conducted R&D for over 19 years since 1999. The easiest thing is to do is “thinking.” We can think out new thing all the time, but the challenging matters are: can we make the thinking to be benefit or not, how to present to others, or especially, it means to market making for available good sales of our innovation or products, which is not only sales. “But it must be sold as much as possible for advance in the next innovation matter.”

I can say this because I had experienced this by myself for a long time. Until now, I have an opportunity to collaborate with innovators to present our performance in the market, not only in Thailand, but including the AEC market and the world market. I feel appreciated and proud to perform this. Please be sure our handle and care for your product under the ONCE brand which is brand of Thailand. We are pleased to cooperate with all thinkers in the development of our products.