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Appreciated for your kind interesting. Please feel free to contact me directly for further investment information.

Dr.Puttisak Sattayaprasert, MD.

FMCG is king when it comes to marketing, focusing on local specificities and building truly global & iconic brands, and delivering innovations base on consumer insights. “Once” Syringe; Medical Disposable Syringe, brings its scientific approach to innovation, competent, adherence to Medical device industry regulations, and a dedication to developing products concerned with Health, Wellbeing and Safety.

Over a year into the world’s largest vaccination campaign, more than 12.1 billion doses have been provided in 184 nations, according to Bloomberg statistics. The most recent rate was approximately 47.3 million doses per day. To date, 198 million doses have been administered in Thailand.

While the best vaccines are highly efficient at reducing hospitalizations and fatalities, stopping a pandemic requires an organized approach. Vaccinating 70 – 85% of the population, according to infectious-disease experts, might allow for a return to normalcy, with booster shots required to keep the virus at bay.

We are grateful to our healthcare personnel for their perseverance, resilience, and steadfast commitment to provide the finest service possible to the people. Once Medical Thailand pledges to assist you by supplying the best local medical syringes to use because we believe that every man, woman, and kid has the right to safe injection.