Our Distributors

Our Distributors

OnceTM Syringe

Recruit “Once” Distributors around the world

Our Distributors Only one ASEAN brand of Medical Syringe and Needle
Our Distributors Made in Thailand
Our Distributors Aim to BCG products (Bio-Circular-Green)
Our Distributors One Step – New technology – Creative Idea – Excellence in use
Our Distributors Sell into the global market in more than 100 million PCS/ 1 year
Our Distributors With Research & Expertise & Experience more than 20 years

“Once” proudly to set up the First Brand Medical Syringe Factory of ASEAN in Thailand and be
ready to launched First Medical Syringe to the Market in 2023.

First Come First Serve

Let’s us know freely and direct contact to Dr.Puttisak Sattayaprasert,MD.
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ผู้สนใจสมัครตัวแทนจำหน่าย เข็มและกระบอกฉีดยา Once ในประเทศ
Our DistributorsLine id : @oncemedical
Our DistributorsTel : 034 422449
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